When delivering our services we act as partners to drive a project forward. We prefer to maintain a high level of visibility and can be hands-on when needed.

We are happy to engage on both sort and long-term engagements and are flexible in our approach to service provision.

Our services cover seven key areas:


We can undertake research to provide organizations with an independent opinion on current position, best practice and potential opportunities. We can audit technology and provide accurate documentation as a basis for any change program. We pride ourselves on being Vendor neutral.


We develop high-level strategic approaches on both short and long term use of technology within an organization. This includes the hands-on planning of programs of work and road maps for successful implementation.


We can measure the financial impact technology change will have on your organization to ensure the return justifies the investment. This includes controlling costs during a project and the procurement of third party suppliers.


We work with business and organisations to help them realise the potential of technology. Identifying opportunities where new technology could improve organizational processes, maximizing the capabilities of existing technology and using technology to respond to emerging markets and trends.


Certain problems are best solved through new and innovative uses of business process and technology. We work with organizations to understand problem scenarios, calculate risk and help to drive innovation forward.


We develop technology change programs that assist organisations in adapting to new circumstances. We work on a strategic level to help an organisation to develop an agile and responsive approach to technology. We develop step-by-step programs to integrate technology into organisations and business culture.


Many of our architectures have been assisted by our experience in software development. We have developed extensive applications designed specifically for a single organisation as well as adapting and maximising an organisations existing technology. We are also adept at procuring and managing third party developers.